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To his disappointment on his 12th Birthday, Tim received a black and white Squire Stratocaster. Reluctantly he began to play and his talent soon became a passion. Over 20 years later and he has appeared on over 10 albums, produced 5 albums, written 2 albums, performs regularly both locally and internationally and spends every free moment learning new musics and concocting new projects.

Tim's first instrument is the guitar and he plays in his own unique style that is influenced by the music of Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Arabic world, not to mention the many years playing Pop and Rock music of the West.

Tim is a multi instrumentalist, and also plays Oud, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Cavaquinho, Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Percussion and Piano and he sings in English, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish and French.

Tim's main musical projects include Don Kipper, The Super TenantsBeringela and The Embers Collective for which he is guitarist, vocalist, composer and arranger.

He is also a composer; not only writing music for his bands but has released three library albums for West One Music.

He is co-founder and Music Director of the infamous London Storytelling troupe The Embers Collective who perform world mythology and folklore with music to sold out venues internationally.

Tim is a strong believer in sharing his love of music and continues to teach and perform in schools, care homes and hospitals as well as taking on private students.

Tim approaches music and life with an open mind and is happy to be contacted regarding new projects and ventures so please do get in touch if you wish to work with him.

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